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About BHC

Blue Haven Capital offers 30 years of experience, providing individually managed and personally customized investment management for individuals and small institutions. We are money managers, meaning we manage money. We don't try to sell you insurance or mortgages, we simply help plan and manage your investments so you can continue to enjoy the activities you love. Our specialty is high quality, long term investment management coupled with preservation of capital

Let Blue Haven Capital help plan, build and manage your portfolio in a way that most reflects both your present income needs and your long term financial goals. Contact us for more information about our low cost, experienced, professional investment management for individuals and organizations.

Our Process

Blue Haven Capital follows a policy of low cost, broad diversification and efficient exposure to markets. Using this model, our team will endeavor to construct a portfolio using low cost mutual funds such as Dimensional Funds and Vanguard Funds, various exchange traded funds, individual bonds, and other appropriate investment vehicles to meet not only your current financial needs, but also your long term financial goals.

We invite those curious about our firm to contact us for a free, no obligation introductory meeting either in person or via phone. Our clients live coast to coast and we are happy to meet wherever is most convenient for you. A meeting gives you a chance to ask more in-depth questions about fee-only investment management and to decide if this service makes sense for you.

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Our clients live coast to coast and we are happy to meet wherever is most convenient for you

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